Betts Patterson Mines

A Journal By Nerds and Trial Lawyers Practicing Insurance Law

As most of BPM’s friends know, our Insurance Coverage Practice Group focuses on providing coverage advice to insurers, and defending them in coverage and bad faith litigation.  We are an interesting mix of agent 007 and his techie backup “Q”.  For years, we “Ick Pigs” as ICPG members are known, have contemplated writing a blog and posting it on the BPM website.  We’d talk about what we’d seen out there in the blogosphere and whether we thought there was anything we could add which would be a benefit, on balance.  There are hundreds of blogs out there written by lawyers, ranging from impersonal and scholarly to self-absorbed and tiresome.  We respected the scholarly ones, but felt that there are lots of law reviews and bar publications putting out that content.  As for the overly personal ones, we were left thinking that an occasional war story or anecdote would be fine, but none of us had clothes, cats, hobbies, kids or whatever that was all that interesting to the folks who’d be reading what we’d written.  We’re hoping to strike a balance, to bring useful, insightful, and honest commentary to our readers.  Finally, we’re all busy people and so instead of saddling one person with the task of writing it all, we decided that any Ick Pig could be a blog contributor. We hope you’ll come back soon.

~Joe Hampton