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October 20, 2014

Memo No. 1 to OIC and Legislature: Fix the Olympic Steamship Attorney’s Fee Rule by Requiring Factual Justification for the Award

This is the first in what I anticipate will be a series of blog entries asking the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner to propose, and the Washington Legislature to adopt, some changes to Washington more about this article »

October 6, 2014

No Coverage for Hannibal Lecter, Federal Judge Says: Expansion of the Scope of a Homeowners’ Policy’s “Intentional Loss” Exclusion to the Duty to Defend

This installment of the Insurance Commando Blog discusses a case related to its July 14, 2014 blog entry, in which we discussed the “intentional loss” exclusion in a first-party homeowners’ policy. IDS Prop. and Cas. more about this article »