Betts Patterson Mines


The roots of Betts Patterson Mines can be traced to the Seattle firm of John W. Roberts, which was formed in 1899. Then, in 1919 the firm of John W. Roberts became Roberts & Skeel. In many ways, the history of the firm is intertwined with Fred Betts, who passed away in 2002. Fred Betts joined Roberts & Skeel after graduating from law school in 1933.

Michael Mines joined Roberts & Skeel in 1956 and left after a dozen years to join Hullin, Roberts, Mines, Fite & Riveland. In 1976, the Hullin and Skeel firms merged, becoming Skeel, McKelvy, Henke, Evenson & Betts. That firm evolved and in 1979 became what is now Betts Patterson Mines.

Mr. Mines retired from the firm in 2004, and John Patterson retired in 1987. Betts Patterson Mines secured its reputation on the strength of its work in litigation. In the 1980s, the firm was thrust into the limelight while acting as Chemical Bank’s local lead counsel for bondholders suing the defaulting Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) and the related cost-sharing litigation.  Since then, we have continued to play a major role in litigation in the Northwest.