Betts Patterson Mines

Transportation Law

Betts Patterson Mines’ transportation industry practice area is focused on the unique business and legal issues arising in the dynamic transportation and trade industries. BPM’s transportation attorneys resolve transportation business and litigation problems in domestic and foreign commerce, offering a wide range of legal services to both transportation providers and business consumers of transportation and logistics services.
BPM’s transportation industry attorneys are also well versed in both federal and state statutes and regulations, and have routinely dealt with issues involving government agencies such as the state Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.
BPM’s transportation industry attorneys have handled with success various transportation industry based issues, including:

  • Litigation of personal injury claims involving catastrophic injury and death
  • Premises liability, including disputes as to the scope of the company’s duties and to whom those duties are owed
  • Employment litigation, including disputes involving employee/employer and principal/agent relationship issues; drug/alcohol regulation, testing and use; disputes based on alleged employment discrimination and/or wrongful discharge, violations of the ADA and harassment claims; overtime, wage and hour disputes
  • Commercial litigation, including disputes over trademark/trade secret issues, allegations involving tortuous interference with a business relationship, contractual disputes and freight invoice collection issues
  • Corporate transactions, including disputes and negotiations relating to financing, securities and bankruptcy matters
  • Litigation of personal injury claims arising under the Jones Act and the Longshoreman Act, the Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Federal Employers Liability Act
  • Defense of mass tort, toxic tort and product failure claims
  • Property damage claims, including disputes involving damaged or delayed cargo, the collection of overdue freight charges, freight loss and damages claims, maritime subrogation, and maritime salvage and liens
  • Real estate matters including disputes and negotiations involving purchase and sale agreements, environmental concerns and eminent domain litigation
  • Insurance coverage, including the litigation of disputes over the scope of insurance coverage, the application of insurance policies and the interpretation of the insurance policies to particular situations