Betts Patterson Mines

Personal Injury

Betts Patterson Mines has its roots in defending personal injury lawsuits. Our attorneys are experienced and are as comfortable defending the straightforward automobile collision case with whiplash injuries as they are in defending the catastrophic injury case including traumatic brain injury. We have litigated cases involving all types of injuries from cognitive to physical to psychological. BPM attorneys have also litigated personal injury cases in virtually every county throughout the state as well as in federal court. Our attorneys have participated in arbitrations (mandatory and underinsured motorist cases) both as litigants and as arbitrators themselves. We are familiar with a myriad of medical-legal issues, whether involving causation issues or challenges to scientific testimony. Our experience means we have worked with numerous plaintiff counsel, medical experts and mediators. We know how to efficiently litigate the straightforward case, how to select the appropriate expert in complex cases and how to try cases in front of juries when resolution cannot otherwise be achieved.